You Don't Have to
Do This Alone!

Ready to start unschooling?
But you have questions like:

How exactly do you get started?
Could someone walk me through this?
What do I do once we begin?

I've created an EASY Checklist to get you started on the right foot: All the topics you need to become confident competent unschoolers.

Each day for 7 days, I'll send you an email with inspiration, action steps - and even a PDF/worksheet to help move you toward confidence!
We'll cover a different topic each day:

  • Getting Legal
  • Finding Unschoolers
  • Tapping into Community
  • Tackling Worries/Concerns
  • Creating a Learning Plan
  • Parenting Shifts
  • Finding Support

Think of me as your Unschooling Personal Trainer as you start this journey!
After a week together, you'll be in great shape!

I'm so excited to do this with you!

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